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admin / February 17th, 2015

The last time Chicago P.D.‘s Burgess almost died in the line of work, her boyfriend Ruzek dropped the L-word.
With the street cop — and her partner, Roman — getting kidnapped in this Wednesday’s episode (NBC, 10/9c), might her detective beau soon pop the question?

That’s certainly one way the relationship could go, star Marina Squerciati tells TVLine. (The second road is far too upsetting to ponder.) But first, the officers will have to survive a dangerous, “heart-stoppingly frightening” situation in which their “lives are really on the line.”

Read on for Squerciati’s preview

TVLINE | What kind of trouble do Burgess and Roman get themselves into in this episode?
It’s funny, I think Burgess’ dream and Roman’s dream to get up into Intelligence is the same. They both want the same thing. And then she turns it down when she has the opportunity [to move up]. Everybody can relate to that — you have this idea of what you want and then it’s given to you, and you’re like, “Wait, maybe I don’t want it.” But then how do you deal with that? [When] we start the episode, she realizes that maybe A) she made a mistake, and B) that she’s in a rut. That causes her to make some decisions that put her and Roman into a bit of trouble. What is really fascinating about this episode that Michael Brandt and Derek Haas wrote — when they told me about it, they said, “Watch Reservoir Dogs” — is that neither Roman or I, after we’re kidnapped, have the use of our guns or radios. We have to tap into other police training that we’re not used to to get out of this tricky situation.

TVLINE | How life-and-death do things get for Burgess and Roman? We see in the preview that Roman gets shot…
It is the most on the line that these characters have ever been. What our technical adviser Brian Luce told us is that you don’t ever get rid of your gun. You don’t ever let the perp take your gun, because there’s nothing a perp would love to do more than shoot a cop with his own gun. Just to hear that and hear the things that have happened when a police officer loses a gun, it’s heart-stoppingly frightening. So the moment we lose our guns to these criminals, we realize we’re in a whole different ballgame. Our lives are really on the line.

TVLINE | With everything looking so dire, how does Burgess handle it emotionally? Is she calm and collected? Frantic?
You go through a lot of emotions. We all think we’re a certain person until we’re tested. We all want to think we’re the person who runs into the fire to save the baby; until there’s a fire, you don’t know. We find out who Burgess really is in this episode, if she can handle it and if she’s good enough to get her and her partner out of this situation because Roman’s so devastatingly injured.

TVLINE | First, Burgess got shot, and now Roman’s been shot. Is this a partnership that can survive? It seems like bad luck follows them.
[Laughs] I know! There’s all these Twitter hashtags. This is one of my favorites: #AllianceForASafeBurgessFromNowOn. All these funny ones, like #IsBurgessEverGoingToBeSafe? I love the idea that there’s this cop who isn’t always so slick and can’t always do everything perfectly. She’s human. She’s a good cop, but she also makes mistakes. That’s very relatable — because I always make mistakes.

TVLINE | Where is Ruzek during all of this?
Hopefully, out there trying to find me and help me out! [Laughs] That’s what good boyfriends and backup would do, I hope.

TVLINE | Does he have any idea about what’s happened to Burgess?
He will get an inkling of what’s going on. Intelligence is definitely involved in this kidnapping, but first, they have to figure out I’ve been kidnapped.

TVLINE | When I talked to executive producer Matt Olmstead recently, he said the heat’s been off Burgess and Ruzek. But that’s bound to change. Are you getting any sense of what the next challenge or step might be for them as a couple?
Actually, last [Wednesday], the reason we couldn’t live-tweet with the fans is because we were filming our first fight scene, which is kind of amazing that we’ve gotten through this shooting and him flirting. We’ve had little tiffs, but nothing serious. Burgess and Ruzek have gotten through it all… really lovingly, which is so nice. [With the fight], we went through our first big thing, and it was great for me and Paddy [John Flueger] as actors to explore a different side of their relationship, as well.

TVLINE | They have had such a happy road so far that I was wondering if there are any hints that a proposal is coming.
I know, right?! I was like, either Matt Olmstead is going to make Ruzek propose or it’s going to go bust in the worst way ever. I feel like something dangerous is coming, and I’m kind of scared. You think having a gun in my face in a warehouse episode would have me scared — and it did — but also I’m nervous about what Olmstead has in store for “Burzek.”

TVLINE | Going back to the Intelligence position, could Burgess still get it? Was it a one-time-only offer?
I don’t know if it’s a one-time thing. I’m as curious as you. Is that it? Is it over? Do I never get Intelligence now? It seems like it’s pretty crowded up there. Burgess is realizing in this coming episode that she made a mistake, so can she go back to Voight, and he’s like, “No backsies?” [Laughs] I have no idea.


admin / February 17th, 2015

Anything on Chicago Fire? —Quanita
Mills is going to have a beef with Severide after the firefighter’s friend joins the rescue squad. “That really rubs Mills the wrong way because he’s been planning on reassuming that spot,” executive producer Matt Olmstead previews. “He’s waiting for medical clearance to go back, and so there’s some friction there.”

Can you give me any info on Chicago P.D.? –Miriam
Remember when we told you Halstead’s doctor brother Ryan (played by Nick Gehlfuss) might be staying in Chicago? The reason: he got a girl pregnant! So he has to decide “is he going to stick around and be a dad or is he going off to the next party, essentially,” executive producer Matt Olmstead explains. Meanwhile, another blast from Halstead’s past — a criminal informant named Mouse (Samuel Caleb Hunt) who appeared last season and was in the Rangers with the detective — will return in Episode 16…as the unit’s new tech guy! “It’s a great window into Halstead,” Olmstead says. “He doesn’t go around telling people his life story, but there is a real heroic act involved. This guy saved his ass which is why he’s going to bat to bring in a kid who’s an ex-con to do this job.


admin / February 17th, 2015

Anyone on Chicago P.D. need a doctor? Because there’s one in the family!

Nick Gehlfuss (Shameless) will recur on the NBC drama as Jay Halstead’s brother Ryan, in addition to appearing on the potential Chicago Med spinoff, TVLine has learned exclusively.

Ryan is “a bit of a playboy and a successful doctor, but always off to the next good time,” executive producer Matt Olmstead says. “[He] never really sticks around when things get complicated. We’re finding him in a point in his life when he has to knuckle down and get real about being in Chicago.”

When the two Halstead siblings are reunited, “they’re glad to see each other,” the EP says. “It’s not like the ne’er-do-well brother shows up. But it’s a brother who’s got some things he needs help with ironing out.”

Gehlfuss will also appear in an episode of mothership series Chicago Fire, which will serve as a planted pilot for the franchise’s medical offshoot.

In addition to his role on Shameless — he was the guy Fiona cheated with last season — Gehlfuss’ TV credits include Longmire, Murder in the First and The Newsroom.


admin / February 17th, 2015

After years of playing a lieutenant, Law & Order alumna S. Epatha Merkerson is moving to the world of medicine.
The actress will star in the potential Chicago Fire spinoff Chicago Med, which will be introduced this season as an hour of the mothership series.

Per our sister site Deadline, Merkerson will appear in Episode 19 of Fire as Sharon Goodwin, the head of the hospital which serves as the setting for Med. Though she doesn’t love the politics that go into running the establishment and has little patience for foolishness, Sharon excels at keeping the doors open.

The casting reunites the actress with Law & Order and Chicago Fire executive producer Dick Wolf.

Merkerson was a member of the L&O cast for 16 years. Since leaving the series in 2010, she has appeared on The Good Wife, Deception and Drop Dead Diva.


admin / February 17th, 2015

03/03/2015 (10:00PM – 11:00PM) (Tuesday) : TENSIONS COME TO A HEAD AND CAREERS ARE PUT IN JEOPARDY WHEN INTERIM CHIEF PRIDGEN SQUARES OFF AGAINST CASEY — Chief Pridgen (guest star Matthew Del Negro) comes under fire after making a tactical error during an apartment fire for which he throws Lt. Casey (Jessie Spencer) under the bus, leading Lt. Severide (Taylor Kinney) to take it upon himself to clear the problem. In an effort to further cover himself from any wrongdoing, Pridgen enlists the help of Lt. Welch (guest star Kenny Johnson), who is faced with the choice of whether to fit in with the firehouse or follow his superiors self-serving orders. Elsewhere, Mouch (Christian Stolte) is floored upon learning that his donation to a fertility clinic has resulted in a child who, now a young adult, wants to meet him. Meanwhile, Brett (Kara Killmer) and a reluctant Cruz (Joe Minoso) take Dawson (Monica Raymund) out on a double date and Boden (Eamonn Walker) focuses his efforts on his duties at home as a father. Charlie Barnett, David Eigenberg and Yuri Sardarov star. Amy Morton, Melissa Ponzio and Randy Flagler guest star.

admin / February 17th, 2015

Chicago Fire is adding another hunky fireman. Warren Christie is joining the cast of the NBC firefighter drama as a recurring with an option to become a regular next season. He will play a new firefighter on the squad who is a childhood friend of Lt Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney).

Christie, repped by UTA and Play Management in Vancouver, recurs on Bravo’s Girlfriend’s Guide To Divorce. His series credits also include USA’s Rush and ABC’s Motive.


admin / February 17th, 2015

You may have heard that Yaya DaCosta (Whitney) will be playing Maggie Seaver, a nurse who romances Severide (Taylor Kinney) on Chicago Fire as part of the backdoor pilot for Chicago Med. But this relationship won’t be like any other romantic entanglement Severide has had before.

“We initially wanted to go with a dynamic that wasn’t the typical Severide thing : He meets a girl, she bats her eyelashes, says when and where… and they’re off to the races,” executive producer Matt Olmstead tells TVGuide.com. “He shows up and her initial reaction is, ‘You suck. Get away from me.”

That’s because the pair actually went to high school together — but they definitely weren’t sweethearts. “She did a real favor for him when his parents were going through a divorce and her family looked out for him,” Olmstead says. “He never got to thank her.”

“It’s a strange similarity to his relationship with Shay,” he says.

Are you excited to meet the original Shay? Do you think Severide and Maggie will be able to make it work? Leave your comments below!


admin / February 17th, 2015

Of course Severide’s next love interest will look like she just stepped off the cover of a magazine.

Chicago Fire has tapped former America’s Next Top Model contestant Yaya DaCosta — who recently starred as Whitney Houston in Lifetime’s biopic — to play Maggie Seaver, an old acquaintance of the firefighter and a nurse who’ll be a central character at potential spinoff Chicago Med, our sister site Deadline reports.

“Severide is going to reconnect with a girl he went to high school with,” executive producer Matt Olmstead tells TVLine. “It’s an interesting connection of someone that he wasn’t romantic with. She was the alt chick who sat next to him in homeroom, but they had a connection.”

Despite not running in the same social circle, it’s revealed that “there’s a debt that he owes her.”

The two “reassume their old dynamic, and there’s a real friendship there,” the EP continues. “They both went through a tough time together. So it’s gratifying for him to see her, meet her again and reconnect.”

DaCosta — whose TV credits include guest spots on Ugly Betty, Unforgettable and House — will appear in Episode 19 of Chicago Fire, which will serve as a planted pilot for the franchise’s medical offshoot.


admin / February 17th, 2015

Yaya DaCosta, star of the Whitney Houston Lifetime biopic, will be joining the cast of Chicago Med, the proposed spin-off of the NBC drama, Chicago Fire.

DaCosta, who EW has confirmed will be starring in the show, will be introduced with the other cast members of the potential medical drama in episode 19 of the current season of Chicago Fire.

The actress will take on the role of Maggie Seaver, an attractive nurse who begins dating Chicago Fire’s Kelly (Taylor Kinney), whom she has known since high school, Deadline reported.

As with Chicago PD, which was also a spin-off of Chicago Fire, the episode has been conceived and written by the Chicago Fire creators and executive producers.


admin / February 17th, 2015

It was just announced that Five NBC shows were newed for the 2015-2016 Season. Grimm, The Blacklist, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD and Law & Order: SVU. Chicago Fire will be going into it’s 4th season, while Chicago PD will be going into it’s 3rd season.

admin / February 17th, 2015

Fan site for all the current Chicago shows on NBC, Chicago Fire and Chicago PD. If there is a Chicago Med, we will be covering that as well. We are still a work in progress so please be kind and hopefully we will have everything as up to date as soon as we can.

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