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admin / February 25th, 2018

03/07/2018 (10:00PM – 11:00PM) (Wednesday) : Intelligence investigates a string of bombings targeting members of the media. Racing against a ticking clock, the team enlists Firehouse 51 to help examine the devices and prevent the next attack.

admin / October 14th, 2015

“It’s a nice window into Voight’s relationship with his late wife ,” ‘Chicago Fire’ and ‘Chicago P.D.’ showrunner Matt Olmstead tells THR about January’s crossover with rookie drama ‘Chicago Med.’

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from the season four premiere of Chicago Fire, “Let It Burn.”]

When one door closes, another one opens on Chicago Fire. Early in the episode, Severide (Taylor Kinney) officially got demoted and sent to leadership training, where he met a beautiful woman (Rachel Nichols) whom he wasted no time getting close to. Although Dawson (Monica Raymund) prepared to hang up her firefighting uniform for the foreseeable future, it was because she finally found Casey (Jesse Spencer) and revealed to him she is expecting their first child.

The Hollywood Reporter spoke with Chicago Fire showrunner Matt Olmstead about the “pressure” of Dawson’s new gig, why Severide’s romance will lead to a “huge betrayal down the road” and scoop on January’s big and “personal” three-show crossover with Chicago P.D. and Chicago Med.

A note was to sent to press with the season premiere screener in which Dick Wolf said that every episode of every Chicago show will end at Molly’s. Where did that mandate come from and what do you think it adds to the show?

We always keep an eye on that in the room on all the shows: how can we find storylines that bring together characters that normally don’t hang out? That’s what gave us Molly’s which really, as you might imagine, has worked out for us. Then, when we were seeing other characters at Molly’s, it only reinforced how valuable it is in terms of this watering hole for what was then one show, Fire, then the two shows in P.D. and Fire, so it was working for us. Then with bringing Med in, it’s a bit of an Easter egg moment to see the doctor or the cop or whatever it is. … We want to end it at Molly’s. When there are big cliffhangers, we’re not going to obviously but it’s a great note on the end of every show that connects all the shows.

What kind of changes will we see in Dawson and Casey now that they know they’re going to be parents?

It impacts their decision of, are they going to tie the knot? Are they going to make a go of it? Or is this enough right now as it is to deal with? There’s the personal, obviously, but immediately there’s the professional [aspect]. Her goal and her dream was to be a firefighter, she got that and now, at least for the time being, she can’t do it because they just won’t allow it.

What will we see from her new assignment in arson investigation and the new people she’s working with?

As it’s been reinforced to her and other firefighters many times, arson is very different to prove, so as a result, she’s cautioned when she gets there by the guy who’s running arson to be slow and steady, do your job, don’t sandbag anything, but manage your expectations. It’s a slower pace than she’s used to. She likes the people she works with, but what we’ve designed is one of the calls that her former colleagues go on turns into an arson investigation and, since she knows the particulars, she’s more than happy to scoop that file up and look into it. That turns into a bigger deal than she expected, than anybody expected. Here she is investigating and trying to, hopefully, exonerate 51 because an arson goes bad and they’re looked at for being negligent in their response to the fire.

How does that affect 51 when they’re under scrutiny like that?

They’re relieved that she’s the one looking into it, but there’s the pressure of, ‘I hope you can help us out here.’ She’s feeling the pressure to clear their name, really, at 51, but experiencing head-on what she was warned when she first got there. It’s very hard to prove and it takes awhile, and 51 may not have awhile to wait for a year’s long investigation to go through.

Severide is also under scrutiny at 51, and he really wants to leave after his demotion. What will his ongoing struggle look like? What ends up keeping him at 51?

His knee-jerk reaction, initially, is, ‘Well, screw it. I’ll just go onto the next gig, the next town, the next girl,’ which has been his m.o. I think that at this point in his life, maybe getting a little bit older, having learned some things and also, without even realizing it, he knows that he really does have ties to these people he works with at 51 even though he doesn’t show it all the time. He’s not sentimental about it. He has to make a choice: take off – which he’s done plenty of times before in all phases of his life – or do I suck it up and stay her and do the work to get my job back? There’s a part which he later articulates to Casey which is, ‘Maybe they’re right. Maybe I’m a little aloof as a leader. Maybe I have gone too easy on the guys.’ There’s a little bit of embarrassment in admitting the truth of the assessment that Chief Riddle lays on him.

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admin / October 13th, 2015

Will he stay or will he go?

It’s a tough start to Chicago Fire Season 4 for one Kelly Severide, who finds himself getting blamed for a lot that’s gone wrong in the fire house and… well, it may be enough to make him say goodbye forever.

While we’re pretty sure actor Taylor Kinney is sticking around with the show, Severide is going to have a tough time of it – and we can only hope that he doesn’t slip back into some of his acting out behavior from last season.

I sat down with Kinney yesterday in New York City to talk about what we’ll see, while also getting his thoughts on the new season of American Horror Story: Hotel, which happens to be starring his fiancé, Lady Gaga.
Severide – Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 1

TV Fanatic: Severide seems to get punched in the gut right from the start. How hard is this going to hit him emotionally?

Taylor Kinney: Coming from last year with the loss of Shay, Lauren German, that was heavy and that was tough and there was a big downward spiral with that. Coming in with this season, there is a scene with Eamonn Walker, who plays the Chief, he says ‘you’re going to be stripped of your rank, you’re being demoted and this is why.’ I want to defend myself but I don’t get to. I get demoted because of the turnaround on squad. There’s just been this turnaround and I say ‘that’s not my fault. There’s this and this and this’ and it holds no weight. There is a defense that kicks in.

This new guy comes in, he’s not taking my role, my position, and he just stands in. He’s a Captain, he’s not a Lieutenant and it’s frustrating to take orders from someone other than Boden so that’s where the tension arises, where the frustration sets in. For years I’ve been used to doing a job where I don’t question split second decisions and now I don’t have the authority to give those directions and then I am questioned. It is a backseat role, it does create a lot of tension, we but heads and we’ll see what happens.

TVF: Patterson doesn’t seem to be a bad guy. He’s just coming in and doing his job.

TK: He’s a good guy, great actor but there is that tension that ‘hey, you’re coming in here and you have a job. I know what your job is and I don’t necessarily agree with how you do it and I certainly don’t want to be told what to do.’ On top of that, I still believe ‘Hey, I got wronged.’ So I have to go take management courses, I have to do training and classes…it’s just a bunch of hoops, politics that I don’t want to deal with.

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admin / October 13th, 2015

Change is coming to Chicago Fire.

For a group that’s seen their share of losses in colleagues and friends, it seems a new generation is getting ushered into Firehouse 51 with a baby on the way, a new chief and a new candidate. But before anyone can celebrate — or Gabby (Monica Raymund) will even share her news — the team will have to find Matt (Jesse Spencer), who has gone missing and has a dead body in his apartment. Severide (Taylor Kinney), meanwhile, will be resistant to new leadership, especially when his own authority is called into question. Will he retire his hose altogether? Executive producer Matt Olmstead teases what’s ahead in Season 4.

Is Gabby’s pregnancy a way to bring her and Casey together or drive them apart?
Matt Olmstead:
Ultimately, it’s a way to bring them together. Initially, there are a few hurdles to cross including the immediate concern that he’s missing and there’s a dead dancer in his apartment. Gabby realizes maybe this isn’t the best time to let him know; so she has to hold onto this secret until he can get his feet on the ground, and when she tells him it’s a big deal for them.

Why introduce a baby now?
We were at the fork in the road with [them] and we’ve gone through every permutation of what a couple can go through short of marriage and a pregnancy. We had to decide are we going to officially break them up and reset them both with other people? Or keep going forward with the bigger stakes of what a relationship could have. The testing really supported what we felt which was that they loved the characters individually and they loved them as a couple. We just couldn’t picture them with other people. We tried, but they always had one eye looking at the other person, so we decided let’s just go forward. But there’s a lot of drama, conflict and joy to mine from her being pregnant.

Severide had a rough season. Will he turn things around?
He’s ready for some stability in his life, but unfortunately he does not receive stability in his life. In the very beginning of the season, he walks in and there is a new chief above Boden who is looking at all the people who have rotated through squad culminating in his friend Scott Rice who he vouched for and turned out to be a ducker. So they’re not questioning him as a firefighter, they’re questioning him as a manager. He’s stripped of his lieutenantship and has to slide down a slot at squad table, and they bring in a character played by Brian White who’s going to run squad. It’s this ultimate indignity of, “I just got demoted, I’m no longer in charge of squad, I have to answer to somebody. Do I stick it out and suck it up and admit maybe there was some truth to what they’re claiming and I’m a little aloof with my guys and work my way up? Or do I put a pin in this and work at another firehouse?” So that’s his first thing and this major curveball which takes us through the first six or seven episodes. We pull the rug out from under him from the outset.

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admin / October 13th, 2015

“It’s a Chicago show, it’s a heartland show, there’s something sweet about them together,” showrunner Matt Olmstead says of the decision to reunite Casey and Dawson.

Chicago Fire has never shied away from shaking up its core ensemble, but one of season four’s forthcoming additions will truly change Casey (Jesse Spencer) and Dawson’s (Monica Raymund) lives forever. That’s because when the show returns Dawson is pregnant with the on-and-off couple’s first child.

“Of course there’s going to be conflicts, but just the idea of breaking them up and having them date other people full-on just felt like the center of the show was starting to dissipate a little bit,” showrunner Matt Olmstead tells The Hollywood Reporter. “They’re really the core of the show.”

Olmstead also spoke with THR about Severide’s (Taylor Kinney) “dilemma,” his new romance and a “shakeup” at Firehouse 51.

The original NBC fall schedule delayed the return of Chicago Fire until November even though you have fairly regular crossovers between that and P.D. How much of a concern was that for you?

I don’t know a lot about scheduling. I don’t know a lot about budgets. I just stick to stories and scripts and let other people worry about that stuff, but scheduling does affect us and does affect me. Even with the crossovers, like we have one planned that looks like we’re going to do in the first week of January, but that was going to be November then it floated. You’re having writers on hold of when you’re slotting people in so you can ride the wave a little bit but at a certain point, I need to know the dates. Because we’re going to get jammed up if we don’t. Luckily those dates have been locked in at this point. I think now that we know the dates, we’ve been able to schedule what episodes are going to happen where and what writers are going to do what. You definitely have to be light on your feet early on and then in case anything gets thrown your way, you can adjust to it.

The Fire finale introduced a huge curveball for the Dawson-Casey relationship. What was behind that decision? What can you say about their relationship going forward?

It’s our most important relationship on the show. They’ve been together off and on since the beginning, and we hit the veritable fork in the road: Are they going to stay together? But what’s left for a couple that’s been through everything that they’ve been through? Are you thinking of marriage and grandkids and all that stuff? Or do you break them up and have them start fresh with other characters? We explored all avenues, but our feeling is — and it was definitely reinforced by testing — they love the characters as individuals and love the characters as a couple, so you know what? Let’s go for it. There are certain things you can’t come back from, but there are certain things that can complicate. We just didn’t want an official breakup all of a sudden and now she’s dating a lawyer and he’s dating [someone else].

So let’s just dig deeper into what couples go through, and so we wanted to do that and it just so happens when we committed to that, it dovetailed into what Casey was going through with the whole undercover aspect of what he was drawn into at the strip club. So we’ve paired those two storylines up of her wanting to tell him but realizing: a. I got to find him first and b. is he in the right mindset to even deal with this stuff? So there’s a delay and her biting her lip, wanting to tell him but waiting for the right time. Ultimately when she does, it really comes at the right time for him because he went through some pretty traumatic stuff to survive the ordeal that he was in, and if not for Dawson and the news she gives him, he could probably start thinking about that too much. It’s really a lifeline for him to pull him out from over-thinking what he went through.

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admin / September 29th, 2015

For all intents and purposes, the Erin Lindsay that we’ve come to know and love over the last two seasons is gone.
When Chicago P.D. returns, Lindsay (Sophia Bush) has fallen further down the rabbit hole in the wake of Nadia’s death. Not only did she quit Intelligence, but she’s turned to drugs and alcohol to soothe the pain. Can anyone bring her back from the brink? EW caught up with executive producer Matt Olmstead to get the scoop on what’s in store for season 3:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Where are we picking up with Lindsay in the new season?
We pick up with her and she’s committed to keeping the party going, because it’s easier to do that than to face the guilt and grief she has over the loss of Nadia (Stella Maeve) from last year. She was grooming Nadia to one day be a cop, much like Voight (Jason Beghe) groomed Lindsay. Lindsay was a teenager and ironically partying with her mom many years ago, and so she was wanting to return the favor to Nadia and Nadia didn’t make it, and that really ultimately sent Lindsay off the rails. So, she’s checked out, and that becomes the journey for her in the first few episodes. What’s important to her? Is it too late to come back? Does she want to come back? Then, certainly for everybody in Intelligence, every time they’re working you’re looking at am empty desk where she used to work, a desk that’s not going to remain empty forever, they’re definitely going to have to fill it if she’s not going to come back.

How does Intelligence feel about what’s going on with Lindsay?
People have different reactions. Voight’s heartbroken, but resolute. He reached out to her, she said no, he probably tried one more time, she said no, and he’s got to move on. Everybody else was like, “Look, she made a choice, maybe it was a good choice, maybe she just knew it was time to turn your badge in, it’s better to turn it in too soon than too late.” Halstead [Jesse Lee Soffer], who obviously had a relationship with her, he’s the one who really, more than anyone, believes that it’s not too late for her, and reached out to her. There’s a scene in the first episode when he sees her and he didn’t even recognize her. It’s just not the person he knows. Then he tells her when he sees her, “Look, if you ever see Lindsay again, tell her she made me a better cop,” and walks away, because she’s fully committed to just partying and not facing essentially everything in her life. That becomes the journey in terms of reclaiming her as a cop, and then ultimately reclaiming her as a person. Can she deal with what happened last season?

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admin / April 28th, 2015

Though mini-crossovers within Dick Wolf’s mega franchise have become second nature, when the three shows unite for a big event, you know it’s going to get dangerously real.

Such is the case with the two-night event that kicks off with Tuesday’s episode of Chicago Fire and continues through Wednesday’s back-to-back episodes of Chicago P.D. and SVU. “We’ve got a great bad guy and one of the characters in P.D. doesn’t make it out alive, unfortunately,” says Fire and P.D. boss Matt Olmstead.

The devastating events are put into motion when Benson (Mariska Hargitay) suspects that a case in Chicago has ties to an unsolved one from a decade prior—though don’t go searching your memory or old DVDs to get clues. “There can be cases that SVU handled that were never made into TV episodes,” SVU boss Warren Leight explains. “In our view of the world, in 2004, there were two unsolved rape/murders and one unsolved disappearance that the squad caught, and a fire breaks out on Chicago Fire on Tuesday where a victim is found barely alive having been sexually assaulted.”

While planning this crossover, the executive producers on all three shows strived not to repeat themselves, hoping instead to give a good reason for these three squads to intersect. “I didn’t just want it to be a drop-in,” Leight says, noting that the case is somewhat inspired by “the horrible and successful arc of Ted Bundy, a guy who got away with dozens of crimes in multiple locations for a long period of time because no one could believe he could do something like this and no one put the pieces together.”

Thus, the idea was born for someone from the Chicago side to fall prey to the big bad (portrayed by Walking Dead and Good Wife alum Dallas Roberts). “We had to make sure we had a reason for the P.D. team to stay involved as the perp made his way to New York,” Leight says. “I want to make sure there’s a compelling reason for P.D. to be wandering around the SVU squad, so if one of their own is taken hostage by this guy, after we’ve seen how horrible he is, we understand their pursuit across the timezone.”

While Olmstead is staying mum on who his show will be losing, he reveals that it will hit Lindsay (Sophia Bush) the hardest. “What we get out of it is, towards the end of the season, a spiral for Lindsay because, as we established from the show, she came from the wrong side of the tracks before Voight [Jason Beghe] rehabilitated her and gave her a purpose. She starts to doubt if it was all worth it or if she doesn’t belong back on the other side of the tracks in the company of her mother.”

The Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D. and SVU crossover event kicks off Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET and continues Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.


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